Calming anxiety

Everyone feels anxious at some point in their lives, and in some cases a bit of anxiety can be helpful. A small amount of nerves before an important presentation at work will increase your motivation to prepare well, for example.

However, when anxiety becomes a constant presence in your life, the effects can be debilitating. The National Health Service describes generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) as a condition that causes you to feel anxious about a wide range of situations and issues rather than a specific event. People who experience the condition can feel anxious on most days and struggle to remember the last time they felt relaxed.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is ideally suited for helping people who are experiencing anxiety and Clinical Hypnotherapy is recognised by charity Anxiety UK as a useful aid for people suffering with the condition. Furthermore, there is a growing body of scientific research demonstrating hypnosis’ efficacy for easing conditions like anxiety, stress and depression. An article published in scientific journal Procedia found in 2013 that: ‘Hypnosis plays in important part in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Applying hypnosis allows the patients to reach a lower level of anxiety symptoms.’

When we feel anxious we are spending a lot of time in our primitive, and much more emotionally aroused, part of our brains. We are on red alert, on a constant lookout for danger and will obsessively go over failures of the past as a way of protecting ourselves against any threats posed in the future. Anxious people tend to think very negatively, and constantly imagine worst case scenarios – this is all part of how we are biologically engineered as human beings and is part of our survival mechanism.

However, while this is a useful state of mind in a life threatening situation, it is not so useful if our stress levels have increased so much that we are anxious all the time. When we are continuously stressed and anxious we have little to no capacity left to deal with any challenges we might face in our day to day lives – which explains why those suffering with anxiety might find themselves either bursting into tears or exploding with rage at the slightest incident.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help shift thought processes from the emotional and obsessive part of our brain to the more positive, rational and solution focused part of our brains.

Each week we will identify small, attainable goals that will help propel you along your journey towards a more relaxed and balanced mindset. Guided relaxations will be specifically tailored to you as an individual to help banish any unhelpful, negative thought processes and dramatically reduce your overall levels of stress.