Becoming smoke-free

Here’s a statement that might shock you. What if I was to tell you that research has shown that the physical symptoms of tobacco addiction only make up 10% of the addiction, and 90% is actually psychological?

And what if I was to tell you that becoming a non-smoker can in fact quite an easy process and one that can be achieved in a single two-hour hypnotherapy session?

During our session, we will go through the psychology behind why we smoke. How when we took that first puff of a cigarette, perhaps back in our teens or later in our adult life – we inadvertently formed a template in our mind which repeatedly tells that we need to smoke to feel happier or less stressed. You will learn why this template is faulty and inaccurate – how we are tricking ourselves into believing that smoking is enjoyable and relaxing – when the reality is that it is just the opposite. Research has shown that smoking increases rather than reduces stress.

Together, we will work to dismantle these templates and create more positive and healthy ones, setting you on a path to a less stressful, happier and healthier future.

The treatment can help you become a non-smoker – we don’t like to call it giving up smoking – because you’ll find you will not feel like you are giving up anything at all, simply setting yourself on a different path.