Increasing general confidence

Some of us are born confident, while others have to work at it a little. However, it is a myth that confidence cannot be learned and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been known to be successful in helping people get in touch with their inner confidence.

Whether it be confidence in public speaking, learning to stand up for yourself at work, having the confidence to say no, or gaining the courage to begin dating again, hypnotherapy can help re-programme any negative or distorted thought patterns a client might have and build self-esteem.

Each week we will work hard to re-train the brain to focus less on the negative and more on the positive aspects of life. We will use cognitive behavioural techniques including scaling and the miracle question to help set small attainable goals for the client to work towards each week. 

Guided relaxations will be specifically tailored to each individual, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels and implant more positive and affirming belief systems.