Confident public speaking, interviews and exams

Getting ready for a big presentation at work or perhaps preparing your best man (or woman’s) speech can be enough to make even the most confident among us feel queasy.

Anxiety can hinder our performance and make it difficult for us to perform at our best. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can will help us spend less time in our more emotional, anxious state of mind – where we’re more likely to imagine worst case scenarios – and more in our more rational, logical and solution focused part of our minds where we can envisage ourselves having the success deep down we know we are capable of.

We will begin with a one hour initial consultation where I will explain the psychology behind the stress response, why we feel so nervous about these kinds of events and why it is so completely normal.

Each week we will work on re-programming our thought patterns to focus on a more positive and successful outcome, banishing any negative distorted thought patterns and nagging self doubt. If appropriate, we can use a neuro linguistic programming technique called ‘reframe’ to help visualise the upcoming performance as the wonderful success you know it can be.