Reducing blushing

It’s easy to dismiss the occasional blush as nothing to worry about. We all do it, it’s part of being human. But when someone blushes chronically it can really start to affect the quality of that person’s life – they might begin to avoid certain social interactions because they are worried of embarrassing themselves and it can hold them back at work because they may not feel motivated to speak up in meetings or volunteer for presentations. It’s a self perpetuating problem because those situations where you might blush makes you even more nervous about them and so the problem gets worse.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for blushing can be extremely effective because once the psychology behind blushing is explained it becomes clear how the issue can be easily solved. Blushing is intrinsically linked to our brain’s primitive fight, flight or freeze response. If we look back to our primitive ancestors, we can assume that when we were confronted with an attacker our fight, flight and freeze response would have been extremely useful in ensuring our survival. That rush of blood to the head gave us the strength to either stay and fight or run away. In modern life we still react in the same way to our versions of scary lions and tigers, which is where blushing comes in.

Once these concepts are understood, we will begin working towards reducing your stress levels and get you focusing more on the positive, happier elements of your life. Hypnotherapy will be used to help diminish any distorted negative thought patterns and build confidence and self esteem. Soon you’ll find you’ll be blushing less and less, and as your confidence grows you’ll wonder why you every felt it was a problem in the first place.